Tuesday, March 8, 2022

63 Things About Me: #54, #53 & #52 - Entertainment so bad it is GREAT

 Look, I know I am not alone in loving shows that are so terrible they are great. The unintended laughs, the tacky acting, and sometimes horrible singing. I love it all,

Now #54 is not only a new show, but you can watch it on NBC on Sundays!!. It is sooo tacky. It is called The Courtship, and whisks you away to "regency" England for a cut rate version of the Bachelorette. The men were supposed to be ready to walk, talk, dance (ha!) and court in regency style. All of this nincompoopery is for the affections of a young woman that "hates dating moderns style with apps".

Our lucky lady, surrounding by some of the suitors

This Nicole's "Court" to help her decide. Left to right: Dad, Mom, Nicole, sister Danielle and best friend Tessa. Yep, they all have to dress up for this.

Here is Nicole Remy dancing with the suitors lined up

Nw the next two are both films and both so dreadful they are WONDERFUL.

#53 From Justin to Kelly.

Everyone involved in this has trashed it. That is quite the record. The story (and music) is rift on Grease. If you get the chance, watch the director's cut! The singing (if not the songs) is pretty darn good. And

You think Kelly is embarrassed about this, on the right is Anika Noni Rose - Tony winner later!
And yes, Kelly's skirts if made up of men's ties.

Happily ever after

#52 Cybil Sheppard and Burt Reynolds Sing Live (lol) in At Love Last Love

I know I have recently written this up, so I will not reiterate, except to say (again?) only Madeline Kahn comes out of this well.

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