Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Wait, who else said this?

 Texas has led the nation on banned Critical Race Theory in public schools. Actually Fox News has led the nation, but they were to convince hundreds of states and school districts to ban "critical race theory" CRT - from here after.

But no one, particularly not politicians, can agree what CRT is. Without getting too technical, CRT is basically the teaching of history that is both positive and negative. For example, it would teach that George Washington was a great man, and in some ways not a great man. He was the leader of our Revolutionary forces, he was the only President of the Article of Confederation and the first under the constitution. He freed all his slaves after his dead. On the other hand, he did not free his slaves while he was alive and he supported the "Virginia Compromise" that perpetuated slavery via the Constitutional system of counting slaves as 2/3 of a person for districting.

CRT was designed and is taught in college. No high school si or was teaching critical race theory. It is a Fox boogeyman design to tar Democrats.

And now the state and local laws banning CRT are mainly designed to keep ANY negative discussions out of school. In some states that means no discussion of slavery, no discussion of how the states were founded. In Texas, no discussion of their state Constitution that actually defined slavery as a reason for statehood (Mexico did not allow slaves). In Florida no discussion of gays or lesbians at all. In Tennessee no discussion of the holocaust, Naszism or Facism.

And here a quote from a Texas official that mimics the policies of Hitler, Stalin and Mao...

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