Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Stand Your Ground and Kill an 8 Year Old

 Once again the Stand Your Ground law in Texas strikes. The law changed the rules in Texas (and Florida). The rule used to be that in the event of an attack at home you were allowed to defend it, even with deadly force.

But that wasn't quite enough for the good gun owners in the Lone Star and the Sunshine states. So both states passed a "stand your ground " law. The law now says "if you are THREATENED in any location, (like bars, parking spots or gas stations) you do not have to back down, but can defend yourself ".

So there was an attack on a couple at the ATM in Houston. After the robber fled the area with the man's money, the victim took out a gun and tried to follow the robber. The victim thought he saw the robber jump into a pickup truck and take off. So the "stand your ground" man shot at the feeling truck. Only it was the wrong truck and killed an 8 year old girl. He was in no way standing his ground.

So, by far the biggest result of "stand your ground" is the accidently shooting of bystanders. The second biggest result is pissed off old white guys shooting at Black people. 

One old guy in Texas followed and  shot 4 Black teenagers because, as he explained, he and his wife were at a gas station. The Black teenagers were playing their rap music too loud. When the elderly gentleman asked them to stop (sm- politely I am sure) they told him to fuck off and drove away. He followed the car and shot at it killing two of them. Then he drove home without telling anyone. That is not standing your ground, that is hunting people.

One older white gentleman shot at a Black man coming out of the store back to his wife who was sitting in a car . The old guy's explanation, they parked in the handicap spot and it pissed him off. Not that it matters - but he was NOT handicapped, just pissed off. Sure the guy who parked there deserved a ticket. But he did not deserve to be shot. Again, being pissed off at a Black person and shooting them should not be called standing your ground.

One (not old not young) white off duty cop brandished his gun to threaten a gaggle of Black tennagers at a movie theater for being too loud - he was there to watch a movie. Now, while I understand his anger, flashing his badge and aiming a gun at them is, again, not standing your ground. That was his defense.

The list, painfully, goes on, but you get the idea.

The law should be that you can take a Xanax, but leave the shooting to the cops.

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