Monday, January 3, 2022

Windward Side of Aruba

Some islands, like Aruba and Oahu, the idea of north, south, east and west is not the most important in directions - even for me. 
The water breaks and drains in a endless cycle here.

Instead, the dominate physical dynamics are windward and leeward. Aruba is a low island, not governed by the mountains, or so I thought. I was incorrect.

Windward on this island is constant. It is in the trade wind path, but out of the hurricane paths in the Caribbean. Trade winds (and location, obviously) keep Aruba's average temperture between low 80s and mediums 80s all the time (hovering about 27.5 C). It also keeps the windward coast hash and dry and the leeward coast sandy - albeit both coasts windy. On the windward side a steady strong wind, the leeward side less windy, but still breezy.

Eddie driving our UTV.

I say this as a preface to the images below. Ed and I went on a UTV trip to the windward side. It is empty and and harsh and somehow lovely. So, here goes, pictures of the trip we loved - very few pictures of me, as I went shirtless and cannot stand that fat 62 year old man that shows up in my pictures.
Looking inland from the coast road

There is something very therapeutic about the sound of waves for me.

Ruins of an abandoned gold mine

Some cute boy on a natural bridge

I have tons of pictures, but no reason to subject everyone to them. these are indicative of the beauty and the fun.

The fat old man, looking fine from a distance with a backpack

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  1. Beautiful! Preferable to looking out at the snow and ice ! Love the pictures.


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