Friday, December 31, 2021

The fascinating architecture of Aruba

Aruba is, first: great, warm, easy going and expensive. But it is an island and nice islands are always expensive.

But it is interesting in other ways besides those above. One of them is the architecture. Thee are clear demarcations. 

The obvious is old time Holland. This is a Dutch Island and so many of the tourist places are olde Dutch. Here is one.

They are clearly new reproductions of olde Holland, but they are painted brightly and the tourists off the boats seem to like them.

We are far from the tour boats, which stop in Orangestat. We are about 3  miles now and were about 4 miles before. It isn't bad, and the roads are quick, but it is definitely too far to walk and the tours go up to a different beach.

But this also meant we weren't the capital city much. But as we have visited and ate occasionally, I have found a lot of deco buildings. I think the place was busy a bit before, during, and after WWII. This has left a big stock of Art Deco buildings. Some in great shape, some needing help.

Cool buildings - in good shape:

And a lot in bad shape. I am showing this one, because I fell in love!

I think it is the old police / civic building

Detail of the upper windows

A church in great shape; founded by a Dutch man, restored by Americans and Dutch Arubans, and host of John Paul II once.

And finally, an honest old Dutch Aruban house that has been through a few transformations and now needs a lot of love (and probably trunks full of cash).

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