Tuesday, January 4, 2022

What if they are right?

What is the Trumps and Zuckerburgs and Grenels and Cuomos are right?

What if the Golden Rule is for suckers?
Rules for Chumps?

What if lying is the correct way to live? What is those who believe in doing good are wrong? What if Evangelicals are right, and we should hate anyone that doesn't look like us, fuck like us or dares step out of line?

What if life is not only unfair, but that is the way it should be? Poor people should die from starvation? People in shithole nations should be punished for it? The world is ours to use and discard, if it makes our lives better.

What if doing something hard for others is a suckers game?

What if we all just said fuck it and cheated on everything we could?

Zuckerberg has made his fortune cashing in on people's worst desires. Trump has made hundreds of millions by playing a billionaire as a victim. Fox News has made billions by outraging and scaring people. The catholic Church has made trillions over time by making people feel unfit for an after life.  Marjorie Taylor Greene has made millions by claiming the holocaust wasn't real, Jewish space lasers start fires. Pelosi has made millions by claiming that all Republicans are heartless.

What if I am the sucker for believing in the inherent good of people?

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