Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Books I loved this year

These are the books I loved this year. Mainly fiction with a few non-fiction thrown in.

How and what happened last time.

Still my favorite book ever.

Homo Deus, amazing. With almost no politics, he covers the mystery of mankind from the beginning until tomorrow. A quick over view, he believes man became "man" when we invented stories. This is what puts us apart. Chimps, ravens and elephants can use tools. Sparrows can teach each on another. Songbirds, whales and porpoises can communicate with language.

But only mankind can use stories and analogies to carry information forward to future generations. The blurb, as it is, is that we became men when we created gods. We will become something else when we become gods (via life extension, cybernetics and merging with computers). Interesting stuff. Still.

Loved it! Thank you Jane.
The follow up - meh.

A rare, well researched hopeful novel about the future and how to get there.

Another book that made me rethink life.

Sometimes you just want plup.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It is fantasy, but minor fantasy.

The Cerulean Sea is mainly about seeing beyond the superficial and seeing the person beneath. Once you get past the oddness of the characters, the story is sweet and touching in the best sense of the words. It is a story of tolerance that doesn't use current definitions - and uses acceptance of others, not a scolding..

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