Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Updated Info of the World's Best Tennis Player but Horrible Liar

If Donald Trump and my father have given a lesson to world, it is this. Stick with the lie. Djoker could have used that advice. Because he is now spinning tales that seem contradictory and stupid.

Let us go through them.

His story. On Dec 15th Mr. Djokovic was at a basketball game in Serbia. He found he might have been exposed to Covid, so he immediately took a PCR test and immediate antigen test. The antigen test came back negative. The next day, Dec 17th, still worried about public appearances he took another immediate antigen test, and it was negative. So he attended the function of getting his postal stamp. Then he went and entertained children - all unmasked.

 Let's fact check. Immediate antigen tests do have the ability for a false negative. However two tests on two subsequent days apart have a remarkably TINY possibility of coming back with a negative results TWICE in a row. So this is possible, but doubtful. Back to Djoker.

He results from the PCR test came back on Dec 17th, after he meet with a lot of people and children. He is very sorry about that.

His PCR results (from the doctor's paperwork) said the results were delivered on Dec 16th - between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM. NOT, as he claims, Dec 17th after meeting an hanging out with the public. If he was SO WORRIED that he took another antigen test on Dec 17th in the morning, you would have thought he would have opened his PCR results from the 16th! Back to Djoker.

Djoker says that on Dec 18th, he had a commitment for a photoshoot and didn't want to break a commitment. So he went to the shoot anyway - and didn't tell anyone he was positive. Again he is very sorry.

Surprising that he did not tell the magazine people he was positive for Covid. Furthermore, as the Serbian President stated, if he really did do this, it was against Serbin law. Back to Djoker.

Regarding the fact that he attested to the facts he had not traveled to another other country, when he was seen in Spain after testing positive, "whoopsie" someone ticked the wrong box.

Whoopsie indeed. That might be a real, if stupid, possibility. That is IF he had corrected it while he was in custody for 6 hours at the airport OR while he was in isolation for another 5 days.

In summary, he DID NOT check his Dec 16th test results before meeting with the public and a bunch of kids, but he DID take another test on DEC 17th "just in case". He didn't open his mail, but just thought it was easier to have the nose swipe again. He did NOT lie to the French Magazine people, he just did not tell them. And he did NOT mean to say he hadn't traveled to a foreign country (which would have invalidated his visa) someone just ticked the wrong box on the form he swore was correct.

Wow, IF he is telling the truth now he is stupid, flagrantly selfish and purposefully deceptive. IF he is not telling the truth, he is an anti-vax liar.

Of course, there is another possibility. He is lying about having Covid in order to enter Australia. But that is too unbelievable.

Images on his timeline below - so you know I am not lying.

Djoker at Basketball Game - where might have caught Covid on Dec 14

Djoker getting his commemorative Stamp AFTER he got his PCR results, but didn't look at them.

Djoker with Kids AFTER his PCR results were back, but he didn't open them - so instead he took another antigen test. With a false negative.

At the Dec 18th photo shoot - he didn't want to cancel on the magazine.

Djoker's travels after he swore he did not travel anywhere internationally

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