Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Good News: Reintroduction of Wild Animals

I will be the first to admit that I bask in the recovery of the California Condor. A reintroduction project that has been very successful. I also thrill to know that Golden Lion Tamarins have been successfully reintroduced in Brazil, after a LA Zoo breeding program.

But I forget that other reintroduction are successful only because I don't know about them. Well here is one great success story.

It seems that Rhinos were reintroduced to an Indian National Park, Manas National Park in Assam, India. When first introduced, there was a worry that the locals would not accept them. Turns out the opposite was true. The reintroduction of the site occurred a long while significant poaching in the area had decimated the Mana area, once an area of conflict.

But the project had the fully backing of the Bodo indigenous population who revere the animals. A previous civil uprising by the Bodo (for their own state) had decimated the wildlife. After Rhinos, other species were introduced back into the park with great results. In fact, the local Bodo population, with help from the national and local governments have increased the size of the Manas Park and it today has about a viable population of Rhinos, in addition to reintroduced swamp deer and protected animals..

Let me quote from the article:

In 2003 when the Bodo Peace Accord was signed, Manas had lost its entire population of rhinos and swamp deer. In 2021 Manas was home to 52 rhinos, 48 tigers, more than 1,000 wild elephants and a number of endangered animals such as clouded leopards, pygmy hogs, hispid hares and Bengal

How did they deal with poachers? They paid them as wildlife rangers. Anywho, great news.

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