Thursday, December 2, 2021

One Last Thing: Is Roe being overturned now Sharia Law by Catholics?

It is a bit hard not to note that the new majority in favor of outlawing all abortion is Catholic. Trump appointed 3 Catholic members that all spoke against abortion previously - at least two at Catholic Institutions. Additionally much of the argument against abortion is based on "the Bible" according to those that passionately disapprove if it.

This deference to religion is exactly what Sharia Law is based on. Sure a different Holy Book, but still based on religion. Our Bible also preaches for slavery, requiring female disappearance during menstruation, no mismatch of cloth materials, no tattoos, requires the stoning of adulteresses (men, not so much), allowing rape, no minimum age for marriage, no shellfish and selling your daughters.

I do not think that the Bible is a great basis for laws in the modern world.


  1. Men wanting/needing power over women is nothing new and slow to change.

  2. Lot offered up his daughters to a frenzied mob to keep from raping his male guests. No payment required.

  3. Please tell me, pumpkin', that this is an old testament story, right? Before the sequel, which was much more upbeat.


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