Tuesday, November 9, 2021

The Canopy Walk in Hot Springs (Central Arkansas Science Museum)

Lynn and I went to the Central Arkansas Science Museum while in Hot Springs. It was a rainy day and a great drive there.

And when we got there, it was a bit OVERWHELMING. THERE WERE VERY LOUD CHILDREN EVERYWHERE. Now they were enjoying the hell out of the exhibits, nearly all of which were made for touching, twisting and throwing.

This does not do the cacophony justice.

Lynn and I stumbled around for a while, although talking was almost out due to the noise. We did go outside, which the kids were not interested (nothing to break) and walked on the tree top canopy. It was half nature walk, and half playground. And we had fun.

The "entrance" tree house, from below.

The walk above a creak.

The entrance tree house from eye level.

Think you're too old to play? I'm 62 and Lynn is 70. We had a blast.

Autumn colors on the trees.

And yes, Lynn and I both played on that big rope thingy.

So, it was a blast. And it did make you feel like a kid again.

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