Friday, November 19, 2021

So, if you wonder where we are here in the US

Nothing says USA like letting white men go free to murder people. 

In case one does not remember or know about how this death started... At a domestic disturbance call, - a black man was trying to help quell two women fighting.  A white cop responded to the call (you already know where this is going). The police did not believe the black guy, or the two women fighting, who all said he wasn't involved. And he was not doing anything wrong. The police officer decided to detain the man. The man had kids in his car, as he went to explain what was going on to them, he was shot 7 times IN THE BACK, because the officer was "afraid" there was a knife in the car.

The Black man is now permanently in a wheelchair.

One might assume that shooting the good samaritan once or twice or six times would be enough, but. No. Seven times must be the cop's lucky number. So this policeman shot unarmed man 7 times in front of the man's children in the car. The policeman was, of course, not punished because he thought he might be in danger.

Because of this, there were protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. And the protests did turn into riots on the first night. 

On the second night of possible protests, Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17 year old, drove from Illinois to Wisconsin to protect a car dealership. He took an AK47 (illegal for minors) across state lines with said gun (again illegal for minors). While nervously patrolling, Kyle shot and killed 2 men and shot and injured a third. Kyle then tried to give himself up to the police. But the police would not arrest him, in fact the police gave Kyle water and sent him on his way - and thanked him for helping (note - helping in this case is killing 2 and injury 1).

Today, he was found not guilty because he was scared. Again, he illegally crossed state lines with an illegal gun. He killed two people who didn't have a weapon because he was nervous and scared. He shot the third who was trying to take his gun before Kyle ended up killing more people. Neither of the 2 people he killed did anything to him, but Kyle was "afraid". Kyle brought a sub-machine gun to another state to protect a car lot, but HE was afraid.

Welcome to the crazy state of American political theater. Oh yeah, a Congressmen wants to hire Kyle as an assistant in Congress because... Who the fuck knows. I guess because he is already a hero for killing protesters.

I can't even think of anything to say.

Well, I can, but Get Me The Fuck Outta Here, is probably not helpful.

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