Sunday, November 21, 2021

I think this could go one of two ways

After the Kyle Rittenhouse's - "fuck you" to liberals - verdict. It seems to me that this could go one of 2 ways.  "This" in the sentence above refers to laws in America.

1. Is the good way.  The laws change about "self-defense" in Wisconsin and maybe other states. Juries in Georgia and Virginia find the three white guys that killed Armund Arbery guilty and the white supremacists from Charlotte guilty (respectively). 

It is kind of telling that the "best" outcome does not include any rollback of gun laws. Becasue it will not happen.

2. In the bad way. Juries continue to define "self-defense" as any white guy that is "afraid" of a black man can kill him (the reverse is not, and has never been, true). The Supreme Courts finds that the New York law controlling where concealed carry is illegal and people are free to carry concealed weapons in the states of New York, Massachusetts and California. Republican "legislators", who are trolls, continue to offer Kyle a job in Washington because he is "an American Hero".

Can it get worse? OMG yes. The limit of states ability to make ever more loose gun laws grows tougher every time. Now, having won in every state they can, they are trying to use the Supreme Court and Congress to expand gun laws all across America.

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