Monday, November 22, 2021

Saw "Tick Tick Boom" yesterday

Yesterday and I went to a real live movie theater to see Tick Tick Boom. I know it is on Netflix, but it is also in theaters and we decided to try the big screen and big music. 

I loved it. I did think it started a little slowly (Ed did not), but quickly I loved it. For those of you theater-geeks (Mickey) you cannot believe the cameos - Bernadette Peters, Bebe Neuwirth, Chita Fucking Rivera, and so many more!

It is the story of Jonathan Larson, the guy that wrote Rent. It isn't about Rent, it is about Larson's struggles to get his first play produced (which had great music and was weird as shit).

It isn't a musical, but it is a story with lots of music in it.

PS - I loved it and I don't even particularly find Andrew Garfield handsome. Although that could be his name. I always think of Garfield the Cat.

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