Monday, November 22, 2021

Next Up: National Geographics great animal shots

 National Geographic has some amazing pictures. You get 3 free articles at so proceed at your own pace.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

These are elephants (duh) in the Namibian strip. A slice of Namibia that was extremely hard to get to. I am not sure how easy it is now.

Okay, while not technically an animal, this surprised the hell out me. See below.

Apparently sometime a long time ago, there was a grove of redwoods planted, that are doing great. They were actually planted in Victoria, South Australia. Given the ferns and weather, it looks like these are Coast Redwoods. There is a grove in the United States, just north of San Francisco and a lot in Northern Coastal California, which is kind of wet and cold in the winter and wet and warm in the summer.

Parakeets from Ecuador, these are feasting on a clay link, which normally means getting salt.

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