Thursday, November 4, 2021

This is a total scam!

I got this message today and almost clicked on it. You see, yesterday a stray credit charge receipt showed up from Petsmart, in Virginia. After a lot of back and forth, and a great correction / apology from Petsmart corporate, I am satisfied, it was nothing. And not an identity theft.

Then today I got this text.

And I thought, maybe there is some kind of identity theft happening so I should click on this. Then I saw, I should not. It was a major scam.

First, the amount $56,84 is from some of the European formats, not American format. In America it would be $56.84. 

Second, I don't have a Wells Account. Even If I did. it would not be "Wells". Wells Fargo is a bank, there is no Wells, despite how most people might think of it. Even its URL is Therefore the message would say  - Dear Wells Fargo Client

Third, Then the link is from Russia (the ""). The ".ru" is from Russia (all countries have a "dot.two letter abbreviation". Not all countries use it, but most no US countries do, think for a British company. 

Fourth, even if Wells Fargo has been fined multiple times for shady business practices (like signing people up for accounts without their knowledge). The message is misformatted in a million ways.

But they expected me to quickly click on the link since I thought I had a problem.

So be careful. Scammers are bad.

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