Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Christmas : Nice and Boring

I know we elected Biden to bring us back to normal and all, but couldn' that have been in politics, not Christmas decorations? 

Jill's are kind of dull:

Here is how Slate described it:

Here’s how the Bidens explained the theme:

The things we hold sacred unite us and transcend distance, time, and even the constraints of a pandemic: faith, family, and friendship; a love of the arts, learning, and nature; gratitude, service, and community; unity and peace. These are the gifts that tie together the heart strings of our lives.

That leaves me with a few questions: If these are gifts from the heart, how do they also tie together heartstrings? But also, what? Isn’t Jill Biden an English teacher? This confusing bit of word salad is reminiscent of those obnoxious giant hearts saying things like “Unity” she put out on the lawn for Valentine’s Day. If other outlets have interpreted the statement correctly, it details a list of sort of subthemes of “Gifts From the Heart”—it seems like they couldn’t figure out how to actually decorate using such a vague theme, so they gave slightly more substantive, but still vague, themes to some of the rooms. The State Dining Room, for example, represents the gift of family, so there are stockings for the Biden grandchildren on the mantle (though aren’t they missing one for Hunter Biden’s other baby?). That same room has photos of past presidents and their families on one of the trees—including Trump.me

On the other hand, Melanie's were never boring. Ugly, sure. But not boring.

Just saying.

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