Monday, November 15, 2021

A NEW Bounty - This time in New Hampshire

 Well, we did say, if the Supreme Court doesn't do anything, this whole bounty system for stupid laws continues. This time New Hampshire.

A new law in New Hampshire forbids ANY teaching that is divisive. They left it vague in case those horrible teachers who already teach Critical Race Theory (FYI - not taught in schools in New Hampshire) decide to change what they call CRT in order to teach it (again, not taught in New Hampshire).

Since "divisive" is hard to define, the legislature anyone gets to define it (link to Forbes article). AND, if you bring a lawsuit, Moms For Liberty offers a cash reward! Hazzah!

First a snippet from the Forbes article.

While many states have anti laws that are also vague, New Hampshire has added another layer guaranteed to chill classroom speech; teachers who violate the law can be brought before state authorities and lose their license if it is found they have “discriminated against an individual or identified group.” (emphasis mine)


  1. Like there aren't enough incentives NOT to be a teacher. I wonder...are these vigilante bounties tax free?

  2. I don't think they can be tax free - at least not on the national level. The feds still control income tax. Now there is no state income tax, because neither Texas nor New Hampshire have them. But, it still sucks ass.


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