Monday, October 4, 2021

The Gardens of Osterley

I posted last week about the Osterley House, the Child family and their crest. We also toured their gardens. they had some interesting items a little different than others, so I will share.

I love this tree! It is actually now the background for my phone. It is massive - a sign that England does NOT get hurricanes! Jane thinks it is an old Lebanon Cedar. I can't argue. Because I have no idea.

This is a fall border. Many British gardens have beautiful borders along a brick wall. Often their are kitchen gardens there. The wall not only stops wind, but on sunny but cool days, the wall keeps the heat through much of the night protecting the plants.

A great English border has various flowering plants that will provide different colors through the spring and the fall, before dying back in the winter.

I'd never seen these before. Autumn Crocus. I have only seen them before as bulbs that come up in the spring and summer. Usually in white and yellow.

Finally, the picture above is a closes up of a yellow flower. I took the close up because below this you can see lots and lots of them around the garden gazebo. They use the gazebo as a hot house, allowing the plants too delicate for the winter to survive inside.

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