Monday, October 4, 2021

Something else I do not understand

Like most big condo buildings in New York, there is a website for owners or tenants to post questions, things for sale, needs for dog-walkers or nannies. What I do NOT understand here is the prices people expect here.

I mean used is used, but they expect top dollar.

$2,500 bucks for my assprint to be next to yours!

Look at that! For $2,500 I could buy two sofas and a hand-job! It is one of the things I don't get. 

I see 2 possible reasons. 1. The owners here are crazy - which is not be excluded too quickly. The other is that we have a lot of people used to haggling and this is an opening gambit. We do have a lot of Chinese here from Asia. And it is in their culture to haggle. so maybe this just isn't directed at me at all.

Or look at this:

Full Price!

If you want the amount you paid for it, then go back to the store for a refund! If you couldn't get a refund, then there is something wrong. Who pays full price for these? And, if you hate haggling, like me, you would never even contact the.

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