Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Odd memories that pop up

Ed and I were in Pittsfield earlier this year. While walking around the town, I saw thing on the sidewalk. It brought back memories of shopping for shoes as a child. And, for some reason, I remember just dreading it. PS - I remember the reasons, but I have no more reason to trash Deanna; after all, she was fighting my father for money to shoe 3 boys of varying ages.

There wasn't a store left. Or even a store front, it was now something completely different. 

But it made me happy, despite any bad memories. While I didn't like shopping, particularly for school clothes and shoes, it now seems quaint in retrospect. The walking between May Co for clothes, Thom McAn for shoes and the local sears for the gym shorts and reversible shirts we had to use. Amazon makes it all seamless and quick, but there was something positive about family time, even it was a chore.

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  1. Memories do tend to pop up for seemingly no reason ! Glad that was a happy one !


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