Tuesday, October 19, 2021

AND Stress Inducing. Don't Forget That

New York is the city of rude strangers, near comic disregard for others and an undercurrent of noise that is painful. The below report is not surprising, since I have never seen someone in this city pull over for a ambulance - unless it helps them cross a red light to get out of their way. 

Some of this reluctance is gridlocked traffi, some of it is New York stubbornness and some is the outrage that someone else may get "there" faster if they pull over. It is annoying for me and devastating for those relatives whose loved one died on the way to the hospital.

And loud. So very, very loud. With near constant honking, near constant sirens, and the old ladies screaming curses in the street* it is an acquired taste.

*Sung to the tune of "old men playing checkers by the tree" from MacArthur Park.

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