Monday, September 13, 2021

What I have learned from watching WAY too much Love Island in quarantine

Here is what I have learned from watching Love Island during quarantine. First they are all a little different (UK vs. Australia vs. America)

Now, I haven't watched Love Island US this year. Because no one in the US interested in the love part but they are all scamming to "Win". It isn't even the money, but the competitive aspect. Further screwing up our US Love Island.

On the other hand Love Island UK is all about the hook up and being popular with the public. Not because they are starved for attention, but because they wrangle this small TV bit into a long term career. Either as a model, clothing "designer" or the infamous spokesperson. And they obvious like getting laid on TV.

Love Island Australia  should be, but isn't, the best part of both. Instead it is the worst part of both. With very attractive people who aren't too plastic (looking). But they are hindered by the tightest pants in showbiz (see picture at bottom).

After watching all these (so you don't have to) I have learned this. Girls (and there are few "women" these are definitely girls and boys 18 - 25) SAY (and maybe believe) that they want a nice guy. They do not. 

Even when the nice guys are hot, the nice guys are unceremoniously dumped. Often after saving that same girl previously. You can train, remind, cajole and tell guys they should be nice, polite and gracious when speaking with a girl. But every one of them get dumped. 

As soon as a hot, or mildly hot, bad boy comes in, the girls are panties to the wind. Even many less attractive bad boys get the girl and get laid. (And somehow in the UK, tattooed equals bad boy.)

It is one of the most misogynist shows on television. And on it, women give themselves a bad name.

Note: This does not apply to grown up women (not girls) because they tend to know what they want. Either bad boy or nice guy. And women don't have a problem being comfortable in their choices.

Finally, as promised, the horrid Love Island (mainly Australia) pants

These pants are a fashion no no.

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