Tuesday, September 14, 2021

And, TaDa, this is where the Republicans are headed..

California is having a recall election. The foundation for this recall is due to the perfect storm of: anger about Covid in general, a chance for Republican's method to get the Governorship with 20% of the vote and California's idiotically low bar to demand a recall election.

However, now the storm appears to have past by and the idea of a crazy conservative Republican Governor Larry Elder appears to have pull voters into a scared straight moment. I use the future-tense because the election is today. 

And, as a sign of  exactly how far the future is fucked up because of D Trump, the Republicans have already said they lost (again the election has NOT been conducted yet).  Yet, they have already launched a site to raise money to challenge what they call a fraudulent election (link).

It is a grift D Trump is using as well, raking in millions and of millions of dollars, only to keep it and use other people's money to fight the election. As grifts go, this one raises money, raises hatred and screws our future. But hey, it's working - so that is a roadmap to disaster.

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  1. Can they get any crazier!!!??? Unfortunately, the answer is probably. Ask: how should I spend my money and they will be happy to advise you but beware....it won't be for anything that will improve your current standard of living. And it won't be for anything that promotes something beneficial to your family or the majority of the country. It's just part of somebody's deeper pockets or another best seller waiting to happen.


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