Monday, September 27, 2021

Hughenden Manor

One of. our first days in Merry Ole, Jane, Gareth, Barbara, Ed and I traveled to Hughenden Manor. IT was quite old and ultimately passed to Prime Minister, Issac D'Israeli.

The house and the grounds are lovely, open to the public via the National Trust system. Which is a set of national owned lands, Manors and Gardens, deeded to the Public. Kind of like the State Parks in the United States.

The inside was fairly interesting for the house. But they had a World War II exhibition that was very cool. During the War, the house was taken over for the War effort. IN particular, here is where the maps were created for the RAF bombing of Germany. I didn't get pictures, but the story was fascinating.

We did spend a lot of time talking with Barbara and Gareth, since we hadn't seen them of Jane in almost 2 years. It was quite fun.

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