Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Even as an old white gay man...

... even as me, I understand more about a women's cycle that Texas Gov Abbott claims to know. When asked about exceptions to the new law due to rape, his answer was, "they have 6 weeks just like anyone else".

There is so very much of stupid in that statement and that way of thinking. In particular, thinking women are something to control. In particular... also ... the truly asinine idea that a switch goes off in women's head that say, "whoa, you're pregnant" on inception, and therefore they have 6 full weeks to terminate the pregnancy. 6 weeks is only 2 weeks late, and lots of women, for lots of reasons may be more than 2 weeks late.

Men, in general, and Governor Abbot specifically, just fucking shut up about this.

And, has Texas always had the ability to get rid of Rapists and just waited until now? Because that is literally what he is inferring.


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