Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Why Are We Paying For These Assholes? UPDATE

I understand vaccine hesitancy. In the early days fo the vaccine, it even made a (tiny) bit of sense. But not now. Now the only people not taking the vaccine are doing it because, despite everything they have decided the risk of the vaccine is worse than the risk of Covid infection. Often because the idiots don't believe Covid is real, thank you Fox News, Trump and Zombie Trump-following politicians.

And I respect their right, stupid as hell as it is, to not vaccinate. BUT, if you do that, I don't want to pay for your stupid ass decision with my tax dollars

Take this guy below. He is 24, knows better and still did not get vaccinated. He proudly boasted of it on social media. Then he got sick and got a double lung transplant. Who pays for this? He doesn't have the money or insurance for this, so we pay through taxes or super inflated rates - if insurance has to pay for it.

Screw that! If you don't want the vaccine, you pay the bills for when it all goes in the pooper. Why should I, a blue state person that is vaccinated, pay for your Red State assholeiness. Because, yes, it is the unvaccinated, happily ignorant Red Sates loudmouths that proudly refused their vaccine shots.

Now, before you say you shouldn't pit one side against another, remember that the Republicans raised taxes SPECIFICALLY on blue states when they removed the deduction for state and local taxes. Blue states already pay more into the government that we get from the US government: 9 of the top 10 donor states are Democratically run and 9 of the 10 states that get more than they pay in taxes (that is - State WELFARE!) are Republican run. That system, unequal as it was, all worked when the blue states got to deduct their state taxes. But now, we pay EVEN more and get EVEN less.

So yes, I don't want to pay for your stupidity and stubbornness!

And before you say "What we should let them die?" No! No, not at all. We should make the vaccine free and available to all. LIKE IT IS NOW!

Think of it like when a disruptive person forces an airliner to land or to return They are beginning to charge them the thousands of dollars it cost.


While I stand by the sentiment, the content of this post may be read as heartless. My feelings have been exaggerated in the hopes of making a point. I do not wish any of the Covid denying idiots to actual die.

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