Thursday, July 1, 2021

South Dakota Hessians

The Hessians were German forces (from the state of Hesse) that fought in the American Revolution for the British. They did this for money, and the British King (George the 3rd) paid them to fight so as to keep his troops at home. (The fact he was bankrupted England helped to convince Parliament to end the war.)

Over time, Hessians has come to be synonymous with Mercenaries, that is paid soldiers for money - like our private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. The difference is that the case of the Hessians, the money went to the Government, not the fighters.

Well to boost her crazy-as-fuck credentials before the 2024 Presidential Primaries, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is sending SD National Guard Troops to the Mexican Border. Where, by the fucking by, the cannot do anything with undocumented immigrants, smugglers or actual guarding of the border (! yes you read that correctly !), but they can relieve office personnel so they can go to the border to arrest people.

So those Americans in South Dakota who joined the National Guard to fight when Congress asks, are being sent to another state in order to protect border guard computers. Also, they have been activated, and now who pays for them. But Krazy Kristi has an answer. She has found a billionaire in Tennessee to kick in the money to reimburse the state. 

But these American Patriots did not sign up to be guns for hire. They did not sign up to be rented out or sold to the craziest billionaire. Say what you want about "elites" but we don't rent out Americans against their will to fight in an area outside their state because some right-wing gas bag has the money to pay them. 

If that is what he wants to do, he should just hire his own army. Oh wait, that is against the law. But then, so is what crazy pants is doing, so samey samey.

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