Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Well, Time For Rusty to go to The Farm

That isn't a euphemism, Rusty is going back to Theodosia Farms, where we got him from. You all know Rusty has stomach issues - he has no liver. Well, like all of us, his issues can effect his mood and brain often.

Well, sometimes those issues cause him to snap. In the case Thursday, that snap came at Ed's expense. He bit Ed in the face and took off a small pat of his eye-lid. It sounds worse than it is, but if it was an inch closer, he could have taken out Ed's eye.

What freaked us out is that this isn't the first time he has bit us, but we were hoping he was getting better. We 3 had gone to a friend's for dinner and they have 3 younger kids playing with the Rusty. We keep an eagle eye out, but what if we misjudge it in the future.

We think back on the farm he won't have to wear diapers (he's outside most all of the time), and when he ha a bad day he can just ignore everyone, Plus he can't run to burn off steam in New York. He needs a yard and people who can handle a bite-y dog. That isn't us.

So, we are sad, but it is the right thing to do.


  1. No easy, I know, but he will be happier’

  2. I'm so sorry. I know it was tough, but you are making a right and loving decision for him.


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