Sunday, June 13, 2021

Southern Baptists Are At It (Again?)

Without trying to take any schadenfreude in the plight of the southern Baptists, let me say they are at it again. And, but "at it' I mean a fight during which many will take the wrong side of history.

Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Group of Racists

A bit of history for ya'll - the Southern Baptists broke with the American Baptist Church originally over the issue of slavery. As with most things "Southern" in the title, they left the American Baptist Churches because they believed the institution of slavery was an economic need couched in flowery language.

After the Civil War (where, again, the slave holding traitors LOST) the Southern Baptists splintered again, this time over the Black Churches that were being established (this time they just kicked the blacks out).

They were, and still are, completely against gay marriage - which was neither a surprise nor a defining moment. But they are about to have a raucous meeting that may easily serve as a break again. And, again, it's over Black people. This time it is the Black Lives Matter issue. Under this is also rolled a host of "culture war" items; like should they report sexual assault, should they continue a culture of racism and should they let women preach.

But this is no academic discussion. This will be about 16,000 church elders (old white guys) discussing "taking back the church" from the "woke". They are really trying to decide how much fealty to pledge to the Church of Donald Trump and White Republican Talking Points. Those that have "awaken to the teachings of the woke" - the anti-woke if you will - have taken the high road by adopting the Pirate flag (because they are "taking back the ship" of the church).

Seriously I could not make this shit up. Read the full story if you want to revel in your own schadenfreude.


  1. One of many white "Christian" religions that need some exorcism.

  2. Like your Granddad was fond of saying “the Religious Right” is neither!!