Saturday, June 26, 2021

Rochester New York

Eddie and I are spending a few days in Rochester New York dog-sitting for a friend. What is amazing is that in all the time I have been in Rochester, starting in the 1980s! for work, I have never seen the falls.

Well, Eddie and I went downtown and it was fascinating.  We also toured George Eastman's Home (of Eastman Kodak).

First: the falls of Rochester:

The George Eastman House was also very cool. Now, I had be there for a work event at Xerox, but I had never toured the home before.  Very fun.

The Eastman's Living Room

The Central Sitting Room from above. Ignore the Elephant in the room, it is fake (although there was undoubtedly a stuffed real one once).

Notice the Organ in against the left wall

This is one of the walls that hold some of the 3,000 pipes for the pipe organ

Better picture of the organ.


  1. "Ignore the elephant in the room"....hehehe

  2. Thank you for catching that. Ed actually is the one who made the joke in the house, but I stole it for the blog!


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