Thursday, June 24, 2021

Back From Florida - And the Edison House

Eddie and I traveled to Florida this past week-end to see Lynn. We did a number of things and hung out. It was great to see her. While there we toured the gardens and ground of the Edison / Ford complex.

The home and Thomas Edison.

This is where Thomas Edison and much later Henry Ford has winter homes in Fort Meyers Florida. Thomas Edison used his lab here for a number of experiments as well as a holiday home. In particular, he spent quite a bit of time and energy in developing a source of rubber that could replace the natural rubber trees found in the Amazon jungle. Although ultimately successful, it seems they were preempted by the use of planted and farmed rubber plantations in Malaysia.

The family living room (with a portrait of Edison over the fireplace)

The library / sitting room.

The family home was not particular big by today's standards, but it was fully wrapped by porches and most of the windows and doors opened to allow the cross breezes.

Below is Edison's second study. Henry Ford built it after his family moved into the adjacent property and took over his lab space. This is the back of the lab with a few of the "moonlight garden", which was designed with bright plants and lights to enjoy it in the evening. 

Moonlight Garden

Interior of the study. Note the beautiful colors on the Edison phonograph trumpet.

Eddie and Lynn under the massive Banyon Tree

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  1. Beautiful. You two look like the ultimate peeping Toms !


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