Monday, May 17, 2021

We Do Not Approve

That would be the royal "we". To wit, I disagree with NY Pride's decision to ban the NYPD from marching in the parade.

New York Pride (the parade people) have banned the NY Police Department from marching in the Pride Parade until at least 2025. I get the idea behind this. There is a history of police intimidation and racism against trans and particularly trans people of color that is on-going.


Those police that march with us in support of freedom and acceptance are not the people we should be standing against. We should support those police and public servants that want a more inclusive department. Lumping all police into the bucket of "people we oppose" is not going to facilitate change. It is, in fact, as disappointing as lumping all gay people into a bucket that says "not acceptable" and not allowing us to march in (for example) Boston's Saint Patrick Day's Parade.

It is a bad policy choice.

But it bugs me much deeper than this. I remember the first time police marched in Pride parades. I remember the community that responded with joy when the police had decided to stop fighting against us and, in some areas, started fighting with us. I saw the happiness as crowds in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Sydeny responded to seeing police on our side. It changed the communities in many ways.

Institutional, why piss off police departments.

Individually, why call out allies as bad actors because they choose to serve the public. Rarely do people (in major cities) get into police work to be racists. They mainly join to serve their communities. 

When Police are racist, call the individuals out. When the Police Departments are racists, work to correct the institutions. But to exclude people who are trying to help us is counterproductive. Moreover, it's mean and uncalled for. That isn't who I want to be.


  1. Well said ! I totally agree !

  2. So stupid. Under that logic white people should be banned from marching in a black life matters demonstration because some white people are racist.


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