Thursday, April 1, 2021

Speaking of Bad Visuals

Republicans are a little heavy handed in their "subtle" messaging. The Georgia Legislature has passed the most comprehensive package of voter discrimination laws ever. True, there have been (and are) states with worse discrimination, but never all of the laws passed at once after the election of Democrats.

To make sure that the "right" voters (the white ones) knew what they were doing, i.e. purposefully screwing black voters, the Governor signed it into law with a bunch of old white male fucks, gathered under the bucolic painting of a Southern Slave Plantation from the good old days.

Seriously. What the hell?

How to make it look even worse?  One of the states legislators, a Black woman (Rep Park Cannon), wanted to watch the signing was arrested when she knocked on the door (of the Plantation painting room) for "disturbing the legislative process".


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