Saturday, March 20, 2021

Ed's Happy Place

So a story...

Once upon a time, Ed and I visited my mom and Nick in Laughlin Nevada. My brother was there as was my sister and her finance (now her husband). Laughlin, like Las Vegas, is big on (very nice) buffets. The casinos subsidizes them because they get players in and out quickly and back to gambling. 

After a day of this, and of Ed putting up with buffets, my mom says to everyone, "What do you all want for dinner?"

And my sister, always charming, says, "You know what I want? I want to sit my ass down, order what I want and have someone bring me my damn food." 

Now, I don't know if anyone was going to disagree with this sentiment because, before anyone could add a thought,  Eddie added, "Amen, sister!"

I think of this when I read this today on CNN's travel section:

It's not just technology that has become touchless, she added. "I don't think the buffet as we knew it pre-Covid is going to come back."
Casual buffet options will still be available, but food will be served by crew members, cutting down on touch points and food waste.

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