Saturday, February 20, 2021

This is less "toxic" and more "pathetically humorous"

Republicans sent a few nut-jobs to Washington this year: see here for nutbag Marjorie Tyler Green, or here for Nazi enthusiast Matthew Crawford.

But Lauren Boebert is a piece of work. Now, nothing wrong with not finishing high school, particularly when you went back and got your GRE. Good for you. And you made something of yourself, despite no college degree. Good for you. But, for goodness sake, don't lecture people and get it wrong. The very 2nd Amendment, which you constantly call to protect, was a change to the Constitution. That's what an amendment is. If we didn't change the Constitution, you wouldn't be able to be elected.

It is not a college thing, College Football Coach turned Alabama Senator thinks the 3 branches of government are The House of Representatives, The Senate and The Presidency (they are Legislative, Executive and Judiciary). He also thinks that the Founding Fathers did not any one party to have all 3 branches (the Founding Fathers did not envision political parties at all). Think I am making him look dumber than he is, you wish.

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