Friday, January 29, 2021

More Marjorie, More!

It was just yesterday that I posted about our new wack-a-doodle Marjorie Tyler Greene. Well, the internet is not the place to forget things.

They have gone through Marjorie's old posts and found she has some odd beliefs. I mean I thought the idea that the US Government crashed the places in 9/11 was weird. And that she called 2 school shootings false flags done by the left to get gun control passed. If we are doing that, we are horrible at it. There have been over 500 shootings during the Trump Era and not one gun law was passed (that was sarcasm).

Well her theory on the the wildfires that killed 100 people last year were published. Cause: Jewish Space Lasers.

That sounds to most of us, well crazy. But listen to Marjorie's thinking here. 

First, California is full of liberals, and they all want a bullet train but can't get permission from other liberals. But there is a lot of Jewish money in liberal California that is banking on building that bullet train. 

Second, So there is a solar satellite beaming down energy to California from the company Solaren (which is actually a company, score 1). This doesn't happen yet, but it is totally a cool idea.

Third, PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) gets power beamed down this way (Again, no they don't.) Also, she points out, Jerry Brown (who hasn't been Governor in years) seems (to her) to just love PG&E. This is just laziness since PG&E is a the only Public Utility in Northern California. Since it supplies power to over 10 million people, the Governor - whomever it is - pays attention. But back to the crazy trian.

Fourth, one of the Board members fo PG&E is Roger Kimmel who is tied up with the Rothschilds Jewish banking money. (One cannot confirm or deny that a Board member is also related to the Jewish Money conspiracy.)

Fifth, Mr. Kimmel arranged for these space lasers (they're not) to beam down and start fires (they can't) but only directed along the corridor where the bullet train will run (it wasn't burnt there) so it clears the way for the bullet train.

Sixth, This can be proven (it can't) by witnesses that said they saw blue lighting hit the ground.

You think I am kidding. You think she can't be that bat-shit crazy. Her post is below.

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