Saturday, January 9, 2021

Trump is finally concerned about America

 President Trump is finally concerned for America.

Is it the 360,000 Dead Americans from Covid? - No

Is it the daily death totals higher than 9/11 EVERY DAY this week? - No

Is it the fact Armed Militias broke into the Capital building? - No

Is it the rampant lawlessness of his more nut-job supporters? - No

Is it that National Security was breached as the rioters stole Congressional laptops? - No

Is it the issue that Pennsylvania won't seat duly elected legislators due to party? - No

Is it because .. .NO!

Is it because twitter (r) and facebook (r) banned the big baby from their platforms legally has the President incited violence repeatedly including as a riot was actually happening? - Yes because... free speech.

Let me define, for nut jobs, free speech. Free speech is the right to fully express your opinions when they do not physically endanger others (hence the old "you can't yell FIRE in a theater" example).

Free speech allows you to say anything, but it does NOT mean those words are consequence free. When you incite riots, they can ban you. Just as they banned Kathy Griffith when she held up a bloody fake head of yours 3 years ago. We all knew it wasn't real, but remember how Republicans were aghast, simple aghast. She lost twitter access and multiple comedy gigs.

Similarly, a million moms (of which there are like 6) is free to call on boycotts of companies that allow gay coupes in ads. Or as Million Moms called out "Dear, Victor" for its positive portrayal of gay kids and urged people to boycott Disney.

Just as New Yorkers will not forget the owner of Spin Cycle and My Pillow are huge donors to you. The CEOs are free to say anything they want, but this might have repercussions.

So, suck it up buttercup - we got 10 more days together.

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