Thursday, January 7, 2021

Ken Burns' "Letters From The Front..."

 FADE IN: [INT] - Living Room

Inside a living room, once magnificent, now gloom, dust and 
overwhelming sadness populate it. A lone woman sits next
to the fireplace where a small fire smolders. She reads a letter.

Man's Voice Over from the letter:

My Dearest Penelope,

I shan't lie to you my love. This winter has been harsh up here in the land of the Yankee. Bitter cold is supplied by the winds of change a-blowing. And a bitter set of lies rises from the media of this God-forsaken country. And yet, my dearest, we have prevailed. Today our lovely Stars and Bars was marched through the very home of our enemy.

Seriously: Isn't that the enemy flag in the Capital?

The denizens of this cess-pit fled in front of the righteous anger of our wrath. We marched into the arena of battle on the wings of the South's new songs of battle, Macho Man and YMCA.* We were met, not with shots and death, but with open arms of many of the Capital Police or by others who insisted on fleeing from us. We celebrated our victory by taken a raft of selfies, now the coin of the realm.

We sat at the traitor, Nancy Pelsoi's, desk - disrupting what they claim is the "business of governing". We farted in the Speaker's Chair in the House of Representatives. We misfiled the papers in private offices. We broke windows, tore open doors and didn't even wipe our feet.

Steeled for battle by the earlier speech of his Gloriousness, Darth Trump, we wasted the time and money of this pathetic excuse for a government. A government that refuses to acknowledge Trump's Victory only because he lost y 7 millions votes. Weaklings! Truly Penelope, I am not sure we even want the spoils of this war - but where his Gloriousness' mad dreams take us, we will follow.

Worry not what the naysayers say. True, we have not found the room where the children are drained of their blood. Nor have we stumbled across great hoards of emails, chicken hearts and voo-doo dolls of the Democrat heathen. But we shall, Penelope, we shall.

Until then, ignore the lies of the media like Fox News or CNN (ha!, as if you would watch those towers of lies). Listen to Rush and keep a sharp eye out of our magnificent leader's tweets and all shall be returned to the pastoral wonderment the South is.


Standish Beauregard Butler

I remain yours, but just one of a million fat white men with guns..

* Seriously yes, the demonstration was accompanied by a Village People soundtrack.

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