Sunday, January 31, 2021

Good News Front: Chick-Fillet

A lot of LGBT people tend to look at Chick-Fillet as an enemy. I don't really see it. I mean the founder hates homos and gave money to fight marriage equality, but that was a long time ago.  But we homos can hold a grudge. I have let it go. It helps that I don't really love chick-fillet and have no attachment to them.

Given I don't hate Chick-fillet, I think this story is the best.

In South Carolina, a drive vaccine program was hitting some massive logistical problems. Chick-fillet (like IN n Out on the west coast) does know haw to handle drive thrus, so the local called a Chick-fillet manager. And the manager showed up, identified the problem, got local Rotary Club members to handle the pre-check in and removed the logistical block and got ver 1,000 people vaccinated.

And that is great news.

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