Monday, November 30, 2020

Guilded Age Lennox

 Up the road from where we are is Lennox Massachusetts. It is a rich town from the Guilded Age (late 1800s). It was so rich that a special train ran from New York to Lennox, with just a First Class.

We went a visited an old home from the era being rebuilt. It was owned by one of the cousins of Morgan (J.P. Morgan’s relative), Sarah Morgan and her husband (and 7th cousin) George Morgan. 

Here is the front and the two level entry way (from the second floor)

Here is back of the house, from the back and then from the road.

This is the front drive. It is fairly accurate although I had to spice up the photo to see the details as it was all in the shade.

This is the dining room, rebuilt. Most of the place was in a terrible state. The house was in fair shape, but a developer bought it for the land and destroyed the roof. It was a historical site and the only way to move forward was to get it condemned, so he poked holes in the building an let it rot for a few years before a group was formed to raise money for it.

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