Tuesday, October 6, 2020

That was nice while it lasted

 Well, being married was nice while it lasted. Liberty Council is acting on the Supreme Court's words and waiting to take its swing at Obergefell - the decisions that allowed gay marriage.

You can find the words yourself, I don't feel like posting the link. But, basically, the Supreme Court turned down a legal challenge to a different case yesterday. However two of the current Supremes said they would like to revisit the gay marriage decision. Judge Alito and Judge Thomas said that the gay marriage decision caused "...a collision with Religious liberty and the Court must fix it."

Liberty Council heard that comment and promised to bring a new case to the Supreme Court ASAP, albeit after the new very conservative, very Catholic new Judge Amy Barret is seated. Since 4 of the current members, including Chief Justice John Roberts, had dissented in Obergefell - and Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg is out, the ruling will be overturned, unless Chief Roberts decides precedent matters here.

Gay Marriage looks to be in line to overturning after the Affordable Care Act (arguments happen  in November) and then Women's Access to Abortion or the Right to have an abortion at all.

The new normal.

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