Thursday, October 29, 2020

Now; Just waiting for it all to end

 Well, we voted. Eddie and I voted early last night. It took a total of about 2 hours - the wait time of 1 hour 27 minutes. Not horrible. It is odd that as an "advanced Democracy" we have waits that we would call anti-democratic in other countries, but, whatevs.

Now the nightmare ends. One way or the other. I am almost certain Trump will lose the total vote count. I am fairly sure that Trump will lose the Electoral College. I am not at all sure that Trump and the courts will allow a Biden Presidency. Thoughts I have about an outcoming I never dreamed. 

But I am certain that if there is a 2nd Trump term, I will get me a new home in Montenegro. You know, just in case...

The last 3 years (the first year wasn't the shit-show we have since descended into) have been hard on Americans. For the last year, Fox News watchers, and many people living near the riots in Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis have been afraid as they see violence on the streets. I understand their anxiety (except Fox Viewers, change the channel!). These cities and populations found themselves in the middle of protests that lasted long after the proximate reason was finished. And they saw lots of people with guns. 

For me, and many others watching this government, these 3 years have seen a hatred of anyone who doesn't love the Trump. We have seen democratic norms shattered, laws broken without consequences and a winking blind eye from much of the government. It is the prism I see this through. It is probably as 1 sided as the Fox News bubble. 

The President has made this worse, this "us vs. them" division in the America body politic. He defiens states, cities and friends into Red and Blue, never once talking of America, except when describing how we hate it. Which, duh!, we don't.

But next week ends the worst of it. We decide whether we make like Italy of the 2000s and vote the law-breaker out or whether we make like Italy of the 1930s and warp our laws and customs to invite the law-breaker into government.

We are all in our bubbles now. The Trumpers cannot believe he will lose unless there is cheating. The Rational People believe Trump cannot win unless there is cheating. (Yes, I know that is a value judgement.)


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