Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Trump Has Done More For (insert here)... women....?

I wish, I swear I do, I wish I never heard of this. But, ladies and germs, this is what the country has come to. This evening, the United States Department of Justice petitioned the Sate Court of New York to take over President Trump's defense in a decades old sexual assault case.

I will explain this story with a quick overview below the image (or long version here at CNN)

This is Jean E. Carroll, she accused Donald Trump of sexual assault in reference to a different case. However, in New York the statute of limitations passed so he couldn't be arrested for this. Her comments were only to help with a different lawsuit of a "pattern of behavior".

Donald Trump said tp the media that Jean Carroll was a liar, crazy and he had never meet her. Jean Carroll is suing for defamation, as the President of the United States called her a crazy liar on TV.

She also demanded a DNA sample for "residual" stuff that he got on the back of her Donna Karan dress in the dressing room where he attacked her. This week he lost his appeal and will have to give a DNA sample.

But not now. Now, the United States Department of Justice is taking over a case so that Donald Trump does not have to give a DNA sample to match against his juices from a sexual assault from 2 decades ago! That is what your taxes are being used for. To protect Donald Trump's right to jizz on ladies against their will!

Ed just added - If the President of the United States was innocent, all he has to do is spit in a cup and give a DNA sample.

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