Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Alien Property: Assyrian Palace

I did say I would share more of the cool things I saw at the Met. This room was the detail from inside an Assyrian Palace. 

You might wonder how the Met got it. Well, the full story is at the bottom, but long story short. A German left them in storage in New York before WWII - and after War was declared, the United States used an old "Alien Property" law to take them. Since the Germans took them from Britain's Iraq League of Nations Mandate, which Britain got from the Ottoman Empire, which conquered the land 500 years earlier - and long after Assyria fell (like 3,000 years later). Well, ours now.

Someone has to say it. Nice way to match their watches and handbags in 1600 BC!

Finally, a bit of cuneiform detail on the handbag.

Now, this should be details of how amazing this King was. A list of his accomplishments and what he owned.

But maybe, just maybe, it is 1600 BC version of PRADA or LV.

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