Wednesday, September 16, 2020

My Trip with Zela Across Country in 1984

I went across the country with Zela in 1984. And I gave her a book with pictures and reminders. Ed has always told me to write down the stories. Well, Covid-lockdown has been a bitch, but I did get this done. So, every week-end I will post one day of the trip. It will take 36 weeks. 

But it is a long read and no one wants it all at once. If you lose the story ever, you can search in the search bar for ZelaTrip. Or ZelaTripDayX. Many of these stories you will have heard in part at some point, but it is my chance to get it all down. It starts this week-end. 

As a preview, this is the journey we took and my leader page to Zela's book.

You can also see why I had to fix all the pictures. Almost all look better than this.

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