Wednesday, September 2, 2020

How Far "The Odious Anne Heche" has Fallen

The poor mother of the child (aka he with the worst name in the world*) has fallen far and hard. Yes ladies and germs, the odious Anne Heche is now on Dancing With The Stars. Which, differently from the British version, for our friends from across the pond is not "TV Gold". It is more like tv pyrite.

As for The Odious, she is not even first mentioned. The biggest name in the year-that-shall-never-be-mentioned-again is Carole Baskin. Yes, cats and kittens, the genial husband killing villain of Netflix' hero-less Tiger King is going to be Dancing on the TV (and on the grave of her death, but still missing, husband).

As for The Odious herself, why? And usual with Anne, the answer is The Fame of it all. Plus, of course, it will be fun to see how she can dance the Quick Step and still have time to stab people int he back.

*As for the child; Anne named her son - honestly - Homer Heche Laffoon. She got a bit better with her second son Atlas Heche Tupper. Matricide might be called for here.

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