Friday, August 21, 2020

Vibing on Perry Mason right now

 I am enjoying a little Perry Mason time right now. I am reading a bunch of the old pocket books. I bought like 30 of them for $20 on eBay. These are the last 4 I've read. I like physical books when I'm relaxing in the tub.

Here is the thing. In the books, written int he 30s and 40s, Perry Mason isn't a fat old Raymond Burr. Nor is he the attack dog in HBO's Perry Mason. And while I like a Black Paul Drake and a gay Della Street, the book isn't that either.

No, in the books, Perry is a suave, whip smart lawyer. With plenty of money, he likes taking cases that he believes in and enjoys. There are lots of dames, coppers and snitches. They are a blast.

The only Perry Mason representation I've seen that makes sense is William Warren, from the 30s.

And yes, that is a young Mary Astor as the murdered man's wife.

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