Monday, August 24, 2020

The Republicans - What are they FOR right now?

 Politico has a great article called "The Grand Old Meltdown" which tries to answer a question I have wondered about for a while now. What are the Republicans for (as in "promotes as policy" - not what purpose does it serve)?

It may be hard to believe, but I have voted Republican before. The Republicans, in California at least, were once a party of limited government (not none - limited) and social freedom. In fact the "limited government" part extended to laws over your personal life. This was the party of California Governor Ronald Reagan, not to be confused with the follow on party of US President Ronald Reagan.

The Republican Party left me as it moved to more and more ridged social conservatism - anti-gay, anti-women's rights - coupled with it's anti-immigrant stance (none of this was "pro" anything or anyone, just "anti-" people - an ever expanding litany of individuals and groups they hated).

But, even then, there was a core set of Republican principles. Strong against our enemies, unafraid of standing up for our allies. And, at lest, lip service to international democratic norms. They layered on moral outrage towards anyone that didn't fit their conservative social views, but hey at least it was a principal.

I ask anyone now, what are Republicans in favor of? Anything besides "owning the libs?" This is no longer an American Political Party, this is a frat house manifesto versus Animal House. And definately not anything to build a political party on. Where the Republicans work at all, it is as a black hole of observance to the god-head of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump says that life-long Catholic Joe Biden will 'hurt God"; New York Cardinal Dolan will give the invocation for the adulterous, thrice married pussy-grabber in chief.

Donald Trump says face masks are girlie; masks are tossed overboard and Herman Cain is killed by Covid 19 he got at a Trump Rally. And Herman Cain's twitter posts still rail against Democrats from beyond the grave. 

Donald Trump says he loves the troops, but families of servicemen - those that actually died protecting this country - don't love Donald Trump enough; so they are subject to vile attacks from elected Republicans and his twitter masses.

Donald Trump loves Russia; so 90 years of Republican policy is flushed down he shitter and the official platform is more accommodating of Putin than NATO.

Donald Trump thinks the Constitution is constricting; so he ignores its limitations and Republicans protect him from impeachment, And then give him a blank check to break the law since.

Donald Trump thinks mail-in votes are bad; so the Republican establishment purposefully breaks the Post Office, which is written into the fucking Constitution.

Republicans said they hated Clinton because he screwed an intern; but they love a man who paid off playboy bunnies and porn stars to hide affairs he had while he had a new wife and son. (Which is both illegal and on wrong side of Charlton Heston).

What do you support? Aside from Donald Trump and his tantrums? Seriously.

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