Friday, July 31, 2020

Working on a Trip Report

So, a million years ago (1984) I took my Grandmother and Aunt on a cross-country trip. We both had time and I worked at a bar where I could leave for 30+ days.

I have been copying what I wrote out to my grandmother (in a book for her) and fixing pictures. It is amazing how much i have changed (and how much I haven't).  I have a lot of exposition in the book, but you probably don't want to hear that. Instead here are a few pictures fro the trip (of people you don't know either).

The dedication page from my photo book to Zela

My Uncle Bo (Elmo Lee Green)

My Aunt Afton (Uncle Bo's wife)
Aunt Ruby's Family (My Grandmother far right, next to Martha, my aunt).

Aunt Ruby and I (Aunt Ruby was my Zela's Aunt).

Front Left, Great Grandma Mitchell (my Grandfather's mother)
Far left, Aunt Lula Mae, far right, Aunt LaVon - Granddad's sisters

Quintin and Clifton (my 1/2 brothers)

Mom, Martha and Danny
Until her death, Martha referred to my mom as "Sis", even though she was my dad's sister. But she always wanted a big sister, and my Mom was always up for it.

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